“In our business, a flush beats a full house.”

Jack Spack Septic Tank Services Inc. is a family owned business that has proudly been serving Washtenaw County since 1948. The services and quality support that we offer are second to none.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is crucial to preserving the life of your drain field, the largest investment in your septic system. Call (734) 434-3220 to schedule routine maintenance today.

Tank and Pump Repairs

Services include lid replacement, line replacement, and riser installation for greater accessibility. We can provide a free quote on riser installation in conjunction with any routine pumping.

Cleaning and Repair of Drain Lines

Drivers are equipped with a hard, rigid snake that can be used in some cases to eliminate blockages between your home and septic system.

Effluent Filter Installation and Maintenance

Effluent filtration is an inexpensive and easy form of insurance to protect your drain field from sludge particle accumulation.

Vent Stack Odor Filtration System Installation

Vent stack systems are an economical option for eliminating odors from down drafts.

Authorized RootX Dealer

Jack Spack Septic is a RootX dealer. Guaranteed for one year, this product will eliminate root infestation in tanks and septic lines.

Well and Septic Inspections in Washtenaw County

Our certified inspector, Jack Spack Jr., performs well and septic inspections in Washtenaw County in accordance with the Time of Sale program. Well inspections involve water quality testing for nitrates, arsenic, and bacteria, and septic inspections involve assessing the functionality of drain fields. Note that Washtenaw County does not require the inspection or pumping of septic tanks if an existing permit or approval is on file. For more information about the TOS program, click here.

Our History

We’ve been in business for over

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Our combined employee experience totals

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We have the skills.

Jack Spack Septic Tank Service was founded on April 4, 1948, by Jack Spack Sr. who acquired a used truck and began part time. By 1953, the business had grown into a full-time operation, and eventually Jack expanded his services to include drain field installation. Under his leadership, Jack Spack Septic became the largest and most trusted septic hauler in Washtenaw County. After a brief illness in 1996, Spack Sr. passed away, and the business was managed by Jack Spack Jr. for ten years. Today, Vicky Relitz, Spack Sr.’s youngest daughter, runs the company with her husband Duane. Together they uphold the workmanship, integrity, and values established by her father.

Vicky Relitz

As President, Vicky Relitz, oversees the entire operation. Her tasks range from day-to-day office management to large company decisions

Duane Relitz

Duane Relitz takes care of facility operations including truck repairs, and homeowners know him as a reliable source of information about septic systems and plumbing.

Jack Spack Jr.

Jack Jr.’s many years of experience working alongside Jack Sr. make him a wealth of knowledge. A certified inspector, Jack performs well and septic inspections in Washtenaw County and troubleshoots septic problems.

Robert LaBelle

Rob, our high seniority driver, was trained by Jack Sr. An employee since 1992, he has been referred to as a “human backhoe” because he can turn a lot of dirt in a hurry.

Kevin Stuebben

Kevin, our second full-time driver, has been with the company since 2002. Kevin’s wife Stacy works full time as a nurse, and they have three children.

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    Understanding how your septic system works is the first step in maintaining and protecting your investment.


    For Jack Spack Septic’s general advice on the “care and feeding” of your septic tank, click here.

    Septic 911

    In the worst case scenario, click here for what to do if your septic system fails.


    For additional information about onsite well and septic systems, go to the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Department website.

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